The Gift of Sleep

A collaboration between two sleep-obsessed brands.

What’s in the bundle?

The best gift for any new parent is the gift of sleep. We teamed up with fellow sleep-obsessives at Parachute to create a box of essentials with all you need for a good night’s sleep.

Two packs of Coterie diapers

The diaper that helps babies sleep

One Parachute eye mask

To help you catch zzz's any time of day

One Parachute swaddle blanket

To calm baby’s Moro reflexes

One 30-minute session with a baby sleep coach

For your personalized sleep plan

One soft bunny toy

Just because!

Meet the Coterie Sleep Team!

Sometimes, you just need to call in a professional. We’ve assembled a team of certified baby sleep experts. Together, you’ll create a personalized plan to help your whole family get better sleep. Each Coterie x Parachute bundle includes one 30-minute coaching session with a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

Lauren Wolf

Founder of Lolo Lullaby

"The fundamental difference in the various sleep training methods in the level of parental involvement"

"It's our job to offer the nap. It's their job to take the nap."

"Bedtime is a moving target based on the quality and timing of that day's naps"

Brittany Sheehan

Founder of Brittany Sheehan Sleep

"Have baby nap in a slightly darkened room to help them understand the distinction between day and night, and make naps on the go much easier."

"If you sometimes let baby cry for long stretches, and other times pick them up right away, you will train them to cry more to get your attention."

Try putting baby down awake or drowsy from day one so, as they grow, they aren't conditioned to be assisted to sleep.

Steffi Edwin

Founder of Jolie Sleep

"Struggling with a short napper? Try keeping them awake for a full wake window before putting them back down to prevent another short nap."

"Here’s a tip to get out of the early morning waking cycle. Keep the first nap at the same time each day even though it means that wake window may be a little longer than it should be."

"By the age of 4 months you should invest in black out shades to help make your child’s sleep space dark. This helps to set their circadian rhythm."


Does the bundle include a gift note?

Yes, each bundle comes with a gift note. The shipping name will be addressed as the recipient on the note, and the billing name will be the sender. The gift note reads:

[Shipping full name]

Thought you might be getting verrrry sleepy so I’m sending you the gift of sleep!

Sweet dreams,

[Billing full name]

What size diaper comes with the bundle?

You can purchase the bundle with either size NB, 01, or 02. We’re not able to mix sizes or offer larger sizes within the bundle.

What does the sleep coaching session entail?

You’ll spend a few minutes getting to know each other and discuss the challenges you’re facing with your child’s sleep. Your sleep coach will then share personalized, actionable advice to improve your sleep situation.

Will the bundle be restocked?

This is a limited edition item that will not be restocked. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns on The Gift of Sleep Bundle and cannot exchange the diapers from the bundle for an alternate size. Your purchase will be final sale.